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Coffee plantations in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. 2021.


Terra Del Fuego, Argentina, 2018.

Photo credit:  Emma Khan Photography

Why I call myself the

'Nomadic Therapist'?

At the age of the 30 I started to really step out of my comfort zone by solo long-distance walking. In the beginning the walks would be for a weekend, but once I had worked through my loneliness I was able to spend months on the road.


After nearly 14 years of addiction, I had a spiritual awakening that changed my life!

I continued walking looking for answers, it took four years for me to realize I was looking for myself.  This brought on a massive spiritual awakening which allowed me to release myself from my addictions in 2014.

From that point I was fully committed to my own personal growth, taking the time to really delve further into my own mind, spirit, and body.

By this point, I had fallen in love with the nomadic lifestyle and travel had become as much a part of life as working with energies, and the Nomadic Therapist was born.

'One particular journey lasted four months and covered 3000K.M. on foot'

I have always had an empathic nature throughout my life.  Even as a soldier, my friends always came to me for advice and support.


After leaving the army the knowledge of dowsing was passed to me in 2003 by my Mum Jane, an energy healer. 


Dowsing became my passion, and I have spent more than 10,000 hours intuitively learning about earth energies, peoples energies, and ghosts becoming a true master of dowsing. 

My dedication to earth energies and my love for the outdoors has seen me walking and travelling ley lines all over the world.  One particular journey lasted four months and covering 3000K.M. (1800 miles) on foot while carrying full camping equipment.


Playing in Ethiopia, 2018.

Photo credit:  Anita Gerber

PB030623-- david to delBierzo  lunch in vineyard copy.JPG.jpg

Camino de Santiago, Rioja, Spain, 2011.

Photo credit:  John H


Hiking Cerro Fitz Roy, Patagonia, 2017.

Photo credit:  Unknown


Crossing the Andes over 5000 meters above sea level

I have travelled extensively, not only on foot but also taking the epic drive from England to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Plus I have driven both the East and West coasts of South America crossing the Andes many times at heights over 5000 meters above sea level.

I have lived in both France and Nicaragua and fully immersed myself into the cultures and history, while fully understanding the differences with people and earth energies within different civilizations.


For this reason, I have been able to expand my knowledge through my deep intuition.​​

Thai massage course, Chaing Mai, Thailand, 2018.

Photo credit:  Unknown

'I also lived a year with Buddhist monks'

​​My personal journey has seen me battle through my addiction, depression, and narcissistic relationships allowing me to find the true miracles in life.


I have pushed myself physically in many ways, including a month-long walk where I ran out of food, helping me cultivate inner strength and understand my own positive nature.


I spent a year living with Buddhist Monks to truly understand meditation and the mind and I have taken the time to add to my life experience by extending my knowledge further with other modalities, such as:

  • Hypnotherapy practitioner

  • Sound Therapy

  • Reiki Master

  • Thai Massage and acupressure

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Meditation and mindfulness teacher

  • Brain Gut Connection

  • Vegan Nutrition


Playing a homemade Didgeridoo, Chile, 2016

Photo credit:  Unknown


Love horses, honest! Krygystan, 2018

Photo credit:  Adir, the horse whisperer.

How can you follow and connect with me on my adventures

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I am a teacher on Insight Timer, a free meditation app.

  • YouTube

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