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Long Barrow Sound Bath


Join David,

for this group, sound bath on

Sunday 7th July 2024 at 9.00am


Join David and the ancient ones for this unique psychic sound bath and meditation journey.

David will connect with the ancient spirits at West Kennet long barrow for a guided meditation with the sounds of singing bowls, didgeridoo and shamanic drum for a truly connected experience.

Energy Exchange £33 per person

Progressive Dowsing Workshop


Join David,

@ The Henge Shop,


Autumn date TBC

Energy Exchange £85 plus booking fee

We all have the ability to dowse and what better time than now to learn how to tap into your natural talents.


In this Progressive Dowsing Workshop you will be guided to find the energies you're naturally tuned into - This course is designed for those with minimal or no experience of dowsing.  In this 3 hour workshop you are taught in a safe environment where you'll learn to locate, differentiate, and clear energies with confidence. An optional hour to dowse around the stones with expert guidance, included.

What's covered?

  • Guided meditation to ground and expand your energy

  • Energetic protection

  • Ethics of dowsing

  • Basics of dowsing

  • How to tune into one or more of the following: Earth energies, People's energies, Ghosts, Water

  • How to continue to expand your newly discovered abilities

What will I need for this workshop?

  • A set of dowsing rods

  • A willingness to explore your natural gifts

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