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“David's ability to lighten or clear dense, heavy negative energies is amazing.


He completely changed the feel and flow of energy at our property and helped me to raise my energy levels as well” 

—  Gail, Nicaragua

Testimonials in depth

I recently experienced a regression hypnosis with David to help unlock some pain I had been feeling in my arm. I wasn’t sure what to expect, however I had no need to be concerned. I was taken through a very relaxing hypnosis, which set the scene for an internal journey of discovery. During this initial session, not only did I learn a huge amount about myself and my past, I also found the pain in my arm had all but disappeared by the end of the session.

For anyone wondering if this is the right session for them, reach out to David and talk through the process to discover how this unique experience can support you.

Kezia, England

Judy, USA

First of all I wanted to share my Amazing experience with your Hypnosis sessions.

Your Hypnosis sessions have helped me feel better from my health to my personal relationships.


Your latest one with Healing frequencies has been amazing & it has made me feel better, positive & more energetic. 


All of them are my favorite, but if I had to pick I love the Binaural sounds and I use my earbuds with them to get the best experience.

You are Amazzzzzing!

David’s ability to lighten or clear dense, heavy and negative energies is amazing. 


He completely changed the feel and flow of energy at our property and helped me to raise my energy levels as well. 


David’s work at our home inspired me to take a dowsing class with him, wherein I went from an interested skeptic to a confident practicing dowser in very little time.  The mapping component David includes in his surveys is invaluable. 


If you’re thinking of building a home or if you’d like more positive energy flowing in your body or where you live, then you really need to talk to David!

Gail, Nicaragua

Biofield Tuning Testimonials

I found the session very powerful and it’s worked as the negative energy has now gone along with the thoughts that weren’t serving me, It’s been great to have the awareness of what I was carrying from the past.

I had felt that a lot of the thoughts previously were not mine so now that you’ve cleared them , I am very grateful.


The session was long but it seemed to go so quickly. I liked how you shared the background of what you were doing as you went through it.


Your calm and clarity is always reassuring and puts people at ease. Thanks so much for sharing your gift and skill.

JP, England

I have known David for several years now and he has always had a calm but strong and helpful energy around him. He has given me great advice over the years.


He has done a biofield tuning with me, which I was a bit hesitant about since it was all digital, but he seemed to say the right things and really knew what he was talking about.


He got straight to an issue I was dealing with at the time and helped me understand and deal with it.

Rianne, Netherlands

Dowsing School

I learned about David after enquiring why a friend looked much lighter and happier than I'd seen her in years.  When she explained she'd been working with David and his Dowsing specialism, I knew I had to make contact.

His response rate and engagement was excellent and we swiftly planned our first formal session. 

It was incredible how quickly David conceptualized my existing knowledge base.  After two lessons, I had broadened my intuition, aptitude and ways of applying the modality.  He is very patient also, with my learning style; not to mention he indulges my silly humour!

I am excited to continue practising and I will definitely be working with David for my onward learning journey.

Claire, Wales

For a free consultation, or any further questions,

please get in touch.

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