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Limited places available

Want to learn dowsing and open up your intuition?

Join me David, Nomadic Therapist to learn from my 17 years experience as a Master Dowser.

You will learn to dowse via David's unique Quantum map technique.


Plus open up to your own intuition and energy through David's healing trance meditation.

Course content

  • Deeply connecting trance meditation

  • Protection

  • Ethics of dowsing

  • What is dowsing

  • Dowsing practical

  • Finding and differentiating energies

No experienced needed, just a set of dowsing rods and a willingness to learn!


My healing trance meditation has been specifically designed to open up your chakras in a healing and grounding way, while strengthening your aura to keep you safe and secure.

This will really help you connect with your intuition and tune into the subtle energies with Dowsing

My Quantum map technique allows me to guide you to connect with energies while working in a safe space.

At beginner level, I will teach you while working with energies that are positive, this keeps you safe and secure while learning about subtle energies.


This will be a 2 1/2 hour course with a short break held via zoom.  You will need a set of dowsing rods, 3m x 3m (9ft x 9ft) space to dowse for energies, using David's unique method of teaching via his Quantum maps.

Book your place Now,

limited places available!

This group Dowsing lesson held on Sunday the 8th May 2022 at 16.00 GMT, 11.00 Eastern, 08.00 Pacific

only £29.99


Hey, maybe this time doesn't suit you?  I am planning on running more of these courses, so use this link to tell me your time zone, and whether you're a morning or evening person.

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