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Stop Smoking Now!

This Group Hypnosis is for you if you're wanting to give up smoking now!

This is a deeply hypnotic experience, will allow you to access the sub conscious mind to change those memories of being addicted to smoking.

Changing this will release you from the grip of your nicotine habit with ease and less effect of withdrawal.


Success can be yours with David's winning Nomadic Hypnosis includes Solfeggio scale music, and Binaural beats creating brain entrainment.  Coupled with David's Hypnotic voice, taking you on an expansive journey to the enlightening space between lives.

Book your place now for Sunday 3rd April 2022 at 6pm GMT

(1pm EST)

Limited seats available.

£20.00 per person.

You need to be 100% committed to giving up smoking for this to work and by buying a ticket you are making that agreement.

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