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Hypnosis Discoveries

Hypnosis is such an amazing modality for healing the sub conscious mind and can be used for so many conditions.

For me as a therapist, I like to help people heal and explore new boundaries and this is why I like to use hypnosis as a tool of discovery.

How do I do this?

I do this by taking you on a journey either through past, present or future lives to restore what is needed in order to move beyond........

Or perhaps your needs are for deep healing, in this discovery I lead you through opening up your energies while releasing deep-seated sub conscious conditioning.

Maybe psychic development is what you need right now, let me guide through shifting paradigms to access new opportunities of intuition and channelling.


Avebury group walk

24th Feb, 11am
National Trust Car park

This is a free group walk for men who are wanting to get together and expand their friendship group in a healthy and expansive way.

Leave the Car park at 11am along the valley past Silbury Hill and up to West Kennet Long Barrow.  Here for anyone who wants to join in with an OM inside the long barrow, helping us to connect as a group. Then we head to West Kennet Avenue, leading us straight into Avebury Stone Circle, with a short tour round and finishing in the village.

This will take about 2 hours

After taking a break for about an hour you have the option to join us in a walking and standing meditation.

It doesn't matter if it's your first time meditating,

it is fully guided.

You will need to download the walk for the world meditation by Jo Dispenza you can us button below.

This is an amazing meditation and takes about 50mins, plus a quick brief from David.


Please download before the day, bring headphones and plenty of battery on your device.


For prices, different options and questions, get in contact and book a virtual coffee

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