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Dowsing is a great tool to help you access the depths of your intuition. We all have different ways of tapping into our gifts and for this reason I teach dowsing one to one, and groups using a unique blend of meditation and quantum map techniques that fully support you in coming into contact with your innate abilities.

I can take you from complete beginner to Nomadic Master Dowser in three life-changing lessons, fully supported in a safe and respectful way.

In these three lessons I teach you how to recognise and differentiate between different energies of earth, ghosts, auras, and water.  You learn how to access your ability to clear energies in a way that is most aligned with you, working with the support of the Archangels, and Ascended Masters.


Beginner level:


  • Dowsing ethics and protection

  • Unlocking your dowsing potential

  • Finding and differentiating energies

  • Basic energy clearing

Intermediate level:


  • Tapping deeper into your intuition

  • Finding higher energies

  • High level energy clearing

Expert level:


  • Pendulum dowsing

  • Map dowsing

  • Quantum dowsing

Why not book a virtual coffee with me to find out pricing and to ask any questions.

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