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Nomadic Dowsing

Learn to feel energies


Do you want to be able to tune in to the subtle energies of the earth or people?

Book a lesson, and you're guided to understand the secrets of dowsing and working with energies, the only prerequisite is a willingness to learn and a little concentration, and you will surprise yourself at your hidden talents.

Beginner level:

  • What is dowsing?

  • Dowsing ethics

  • Different methods of dowsing

  • Unlocking your dowsing potential

  • Finding and differentiating energies


Beginner £99.00 GBP per person

Intermediate level:

  • Tapping into your intuition

  • Finding higher energies

  • Clean and clear energies

  • Chakra dowsing

Intermediate £119.00 per person

Expert level:

  • Pendulum dowsing

  • Map dowsing

  • Quantum dowsing

Expert level, £149.00 per person


New for 2022!

Master Dowser:

  • Learn to work with ascended masters

  • Use techniques for clearing large areas

  • Be able to plot worldwide Ley lines, and spot clues to their direction.

  • Connecting Earth energies to higher dimensions

Master Dowser £199.00 per person

All lessons last around two hours

Personal Biofield Tuning.

For mind, energy,

Vitality and Health.

Prices from £139.00

For more information

Ley line Discovery.


Mapping and clearing, Ley lines, Geopathic stress and ghosts.

Prices from £199.00

For more information

Dowsing School.

Learn the secrets of a Master Dowser, no experience needed.


Prices from £99.00

For more information

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