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Personal Biofield Tuning.

For mind, energy,

Vitality and Health.

Prices from £139.00

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Ley line Discovery.


Mapping and clearing, Ley lines, Geopathic stress and ghosts.

Prices from £199.00

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Dowsing School.

Learn the secrets of a Master Dowser, no experience needed.


Prices from £99.00

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Biofield Tuning

Personal Biofield Tuning

Who is this for?


Biofield Tuning can help you understand the origin or nature of a problem, and when it occurred in your life or whether it is generational or past life karma.

What is it?

Personal Biofield Tuning is a non-invasive sound therapy, and because it works on your aura energy, it can be carried out via zoom.

Why should I have Biofield Tuning?

Personal Biofield Tuning can help you with:

  • Vibrant health

  • Mind vitality

  • Love

  • Sobriety

  • Abundance

From £179.00 Gbp per session

For your free consultation

Book three sessions for a total of £479.00 for 10% discount.

Biofiled tuning

This is ideal for:

  • Intuitive coaches

  • Remote energy workers

  • Empaths

  • Unexplained illness

Ley Line Discovery

What is it?

Through my Master Dowsing techniques, I can feel energy imbalances, which I can rectify while creating your discovery map.

How will it help me?

  • Stronger intuition

  • Better remote connections

  • Cleaner calmer energies

  • Aids faster healing

  • Better sleep


'In person' Discovery

An in person discovery can really get to the depths of what is happening in your home or business.  A primary discovery is carried out on a map, then the second survey is carried out in person.

This is more in depth than a video discovery, as in person I can feel residue energies in furniture and belongs.


From £299.00 GBP

The first £299.00 Gbp covers 1000 sq.ft, each 1000 sq.ft after that is £273.00  This price does not cover any travel or hotel costs, please enquire for full more details.


Video Discovery

Using the combination of a map and a live video tour of your property, it is possible to clear and map the energies of your home or business.

Whilst this discovery is not as in depth as an in person discovery, it is still very accurate and works to clear all but very minor details.

From £199.00 Gbp

The first £199.00 Gbp covers 1000 sq.ft, each 1000 sq.ft after that is £179.00

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Dowsing School

Learn to feel energies


Do you want to be able to tune in to the subtle energies of the earth or people?

Book a lesson, and you're guided to understand the secrets of dowsing and working with energies, the only prerequisite is a willingness to learn and a little concentration, and you will surprise yourself at your hidden talents.

Beginner level:

  • What is dowsing?

  • Dowsing ethics

  • Different methods of dowsing

  • Unlocking your dowsing potential

  • Finding and differentiating energies


Beginner £99.00 GBP per person

Intermediate level:

  • Tapping into your intuition

  • Finding higher energies

  • Clean and clear energies

  • Chakra dowsing

Intermediate £119.00 per person

Expert level:

  • Pendulum dowsing

  • Map dowsing

  • Quantum dowsing

Expert level, £149.00 per person


New for 2022!

Master Dowser:

  • Learn to work with ascended masters

  • Use techniques for clearing large areas

  • Be able to plot worldwide Ley lines, and spot clues to their direction.

  • Connecting Earth energies to higher dimensions

Master Dowser £199.00 per person

All lessons last around two hours

For a free consultation, or any further questions,

please get in touch.

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